Joe Biden’s pre-recorded speech raises questions after White House edits ‘bizarre’ world | news

Joe Biden delivered a pre-recorded speech from the White House this week, addressing the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement executives. However, the ten-minute-long video included several awkward and frequent edits, making the clip quickly go viral. GOP official Kyle Martinson tweeted a second segment of the clip that included four edits to link President Biden’s speech.

Mr Martinson said: “Here are 20 seconds of a pre-recorded speech that Joe Biden gave yesterday.

“See how much the White House edited it.

“I didn’t edit it in any way.”

@mike_hamm replied: “Would love to see the outtake.”

@IgnatiusRileyJ said: “Wow he can’t go 20 seconds without a mistake or a mistake.”

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Commenting on the video, Sky News Australia host James Morrow commented that the edits were “bizarre”.

He added: “Pay attention to the edits – which make us wonder what’s left on the cutting room floor.”

It comes as 54 House Republicans signed a letter Wednesday this week calling on the US president to take cognitive tests amid questions over his fitness for the job.

The letter read: “While you have largely dismissed these claims as partisan political attacks, the left-leaning New York Times recently published an article detailing all of this.

“According to The New York Times, the heightened scrutiny surrounding your cognitive state is fueled by your recent public appearances.”

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