Josh O’Connor’s 6 Best Performances, Ranked

How do you prepare to play a reputedly disliked figure from history in one of the most popular television series? You make a scrapbook, of course. this is the actor Josh O’Connor While preparing for his role on the Netflix show, did according to Esquire Crown, Portrait of a young Prince Charles. O’Connor collected items that reminded her of the character and put them in a book to look back on, and pulled from it to play the star-crossed lover of the beloved Princess Diana.

Before becoming royalty, O’Connor had a French rebel. Les Miserables Miniseries, starring Annette Bening’s son Hope GapJane Austen was in the classic Emmaand starred with Colin Firth in mothering Sunday, She is a budding young star, with already Emmy wins, two BAFTA nominations and two British Independent Film Awards.

O’Connor has an extensive list of popular co-stars ranging from Oscar-winner Olivia Colman to strange things Rising star Joseph Quinn. Two of her upcoming projects to come out next year: Ellen Kuras Took Watch out for her starring Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard and Jude Law, and starring alongside Paul Mescal, according to Deadline history of sound A gay romance set in WWI in which two men record the voices of America. Overall, in his 10 years of acting on screen, his talent has grabbed the attention of the world and seems to be going up from here. From rebel to royal, here are Josh O’Connor’s best performances.

6 mothering Sunday

in 2021 drama mothering SundayIn , O’Connor plays a young man who has swooned down family maid Jane Fairchild, played by Odessa Young. His character, Paul Sheringham, is about to marry another woman, but the two young lovers are determined to find time for each other before that. O’Connor plays a very charming character in this tragic love story. Paired with amazing cinematography, this film is worth watching.

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5 Les Miserables

In the six-part miniseries adaptation of the Victor Hugo classic, Les MiserablesO’Connor plays the affluent counterpart of the rebel leader, Enjolras (played by strange things Starr, Joseph Quinn). O’Connor brings to life the heart and fire behind this character, and plays him in a way that demonstrates Marius’ wealth, but also his compassion for his partner and his fight for the cause.

4 Durells

In Durells, O’Connor plays the chaotic, unemployed son in this television series about the Durrell family and their move from England to Greece. His character, Lawrence, is a spoiled, over-dramatic writer, whom O’Connor plays with hilarity and the kind of raucous disposition that gives a good laugh whenever he’s on-screen. This television series shows his range and gives a nice break from his more serious roles.

3 Hope Gap

The family drama about Grace (played by Annette Bening) and Edward (Bill Knightley) and their sudden separation after 29 years, Hope GapIn , O’Connor plays their son who is left to try to balance this new life between his parents. Jamie learns that his father is leaving his mother and wants no part of their separation. O’Connor plays this character with such a heart and gentle demeanor that it’s impossible not to fall in love with his character and his roots.

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2 god’s own country

O’Connor plays a lost farmer who tries to get back to life as quickly as possible. god’s own country, He’s calm and he has this harsh exterior, which begins to be missed when a migrant worker is hired and the two become more than just coworkers. O’Connor is able to play this rough character, who mostly expresses himself without words, and as the film progresses, elegantly turning into a softer soul. One of his best works of all time, O’Connor won the Best Actor award at the British Independent Film Awards.

1 Crown

O’Connor’s portrait of Prince Charles at number one Crown, Not only because of the popularity of the show and the uncanny physical resemblance between the actor and the real one, but also because O’Connor made you like the character of Prince Charles and ultimately felt for him and understood his side of the story. In the hit Netflix original series, O’Connor positions herself in a way that feels like royalty and captivates every scene, equally balancing the attention between herself and Emma Corinne as Princess Diana. Is.

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