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Know All About MISUMI Aluminum Profiles from Economy Series

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MISUMI India has a wide range of Aluminum frames also known as Aluminum Profile. Their profiles give you the virtually unlimited design freedom to get personalized solutions for practically all needs.

Standard Extrusion Size(mm) Available:

15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm

Extrusion Type Available at MISUMI:

  1. HFS (Standard)
  2. EFS (Lightweight)
  3. GFS (High Rigidity)
  4. HFSG (High Rigidity)
  5. HFSL (Lightweight, Standard)
  6. NEFS (Economy)
  7. NFS (Economy)
  8. NFSL (Lightweight, Economy)
  9. GNFS (High Rigidity, Economy)

Number of Slotted Surfaces

Four-Side Slots, Three-Side Slots, Two-Side Slots, Two-Side Slots (Opposed), One-Side Slots

Aluminum profiles have many uses in building construction, architecture, automobile manufacturing, and many other industries. The untreated profiles are adequate for many applications, but they are various reasons to perform the additional surface treatment after the extrusion process is completed.

These are the Surface Treatment available at MISUMI:

Baked Finish (Yellow), Black Anodize, Clear Anodize, Clear Coating

MISUMI India Aluminum Extrusion Series are:

  1. 3 Series
  2. NIC Autotec M4 Series
  3. 5 Series
  4. 6 Series
  5. NIC Autotec M6 Series
  6. 8 Series
  7. NIC Autotec M8 Series
  8. 8-45 Series
  9. NIC Autotec H10 Series
  10. LECOFRAME 25 Series (For Light/Medium Structures)
  11. MISUMI, European Standard, Aluminum Frame, 30/40/50/60 Series, (Groove Width: 8 mm)
  12. LECOFRAME 40 Series (For Medium/Heavy Structures)

These aluminum profiles are used as components in making and enhancing your kitchen cabinet doors and office interiors. Basically, aluminum is a durable, soft, lightweight, and ductile metal, ranging in appearance from silvery to dull gray depending on the roughness of the surface. They use high-quality materials that conform to high standards of excellence.

MISUMI aluminum profiles offer customers unprecedented application possibilities and enormous design freedom without the restrictions of standard specifications.

MISUMI specializes in the development of custom-made profiles and develops products and solutions to meet your individual needs.

Quality Is Our Priority

MISUMI India is a quality-oriented organization. Their product quality and great customer service magnetize new buyers while retaining the existing ones. To maintain that they always implement the right technology involved with high-grade products that cater to the clients with their product requirements.

Abut MISUMI Economy Series

MISUMI is a leading industrial components supplier in India They have wide millions of components in their e-Catalog. They manufacture and supply:

  1. Automation Components
  2. Fasteners
  3. Materials
  4. Wiring Components
  5. Electrical & Controls
  6. Cutting Tools
  7. Processing Tools
  8. Material Handling & Storage
  9. Safety & General Supplies
  10. Lab & Clean Room Supplies
  11. Press Die Components
  12. Plastic Mold Components
  13. Injection Molding Components

Out of all these products, MISUMI sells some high-quality products at very affordable prices, which they have named Economy Series.

Economy Series has a focused and target-oriented approach toward meeting customer requirements and ensuring the quality of its products.

Economy Series’ extensive range of products includes:

  1. Structure Parts and Jig Components
  2. Conveyor Component and Belt
  3. Jig Accessories
  4. Inspection and Linear Motion
  5. Connecting Parts
  6. Pneumatics and Tube

MISUMI continuously works on innovation and research to develop products that can bring a kind of revolution in the components and tools industry.

For more details contact their customer care at 0124-4688 800.

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