Live Updates from Donald Trump’s Wilmington Visit

3:30 p.m.: Doors open for Trump’s visit to Wilmington

Soon after 3 p.m. hundreds of rallies began altering the Aero Center

Some, like Mike Reed and Amber Blue, had already waited hours, but were more than happy to show their support.

The engaged couple traveled through the Fayetteville area to see former President Trump and NC Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.

Amber Blue and Mike Reid of Fayetteville wait for the gates to open to see Donald Trump in Wilmington.

Reid, 46, said he supports Trump for his policies like lowering taxes, but more than anything he trusts “nobody to take anything”.

Blue, 45, said the couple were not politically active before Trump came to power, and are not particularly interested in the candidates he is supporting.

“We like to think for ourselves,” Reid said. “He supported the people first and went back.”

— John Oron

3 pm: ‘The only politician to speak the truth’

The political awakening of Gary Lewis began shortly after the 2009 housing market crash.

He built homes in the Southport area for most of his life, but suddenly found it difficult to make a living during the recession.

“I never went to college,” said 44-year-old Lewis. “I thought I’d always be able to help my family build homes; everyone needs a home.”

Rallygoers fill up on food trucks offering hot dogs and donuts in front of the doors that open at the Trump rally.

Since then he started paying more attention to politics and economy. After the accident, he became a Tabor City police officer and loyal Republican.

Between mini donut bites, he described the issues that brought him to the rally: immigration, sex trafficking, eligible immunity, and angering Democrats.

Lewis said Trump’s visit to Wilmington is important because it gives hope to people like him, who for so long felt they had no voice in politics.

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