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Singapore, or Central Singapore Community Development Council, is a sovereign island nation and city-state in Southeast Asia. The four official languages of Singapore are English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

The population of the nation is diverse, and the government is aware of the need to preserve the cultural identities of the many ethnic groups that make up the nation. English is the sole language in which many government services are provided. 

The constitution explicitly recognizes multiracialism, which continues to influence national policy in housing, politics, and education.

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The Orchard Road neighborhood, which has hotels and multi-story commercial centers, may be regarded as Singapore’s tourism and shopping hub. The Singapore zoo, river wonders, and night safari are among the more well-liked tourist destinations.

The river wonders features 300 kinds of animals, many of which are endangered, and the Singapore zoo has adopted the open zoo idea whereby animals are maintained in cages, separated from people by either dry or wet moats. 

With roughly 200,000 visitors seeking medical attention there each year, Singapore markets itself as a center for medical tourism.

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Due to its unique mix of convenience, diversity, quality, and price, Singapore’s diverse cuisine is promoted as a reason to explore the nation. Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisine are examples of regional foods that are typically associated with a certain ethnicity; nevertheless, the variety of cuisine has risen due to the blending of many culinary philosophies. 

The practice of serving Tamil food at predominantly Malay hawker stalls at hawker centers is an example of cultural diffusion. Malay components, cooking methods, or complete recipes may be included by Chinese food stands. 

Based on the Hainanese cuisine Wenchang chicken, Hainanese chicken rice is regarded as Singapore’s national dish.


Singapore was ranked as the finest and sixth-best travel destination in the world in 2015 by Lonely Planet and The New York Times, respectively. The prosperity of Singapore is credited in large part to racial and religious peace, which also contributed to the formation of the Singaporean identity. 

Singapore boasts a wide variety of languages, faiths, and civilizations despite its tiny size. Many politicians argued that it does not meet the conventional definition of a nation, referring to it as a society in transition. 

The National Arts Council was established in the 1990s to promote the growth of performing arts alongside visual and literary art genres. 

With almost 8,000 pieces by Singaporean and other Southeast Asian artists, the National Gallery Singapore is the country’s premier museum and something that you shouldn’t miss out on.