Lovely Socialite at Cafe Coda – Tone Madison

While members of the groovy Madison-born jazz-rock sextet Lovely Socialite are now split between a few Midwestern cities, they regroup here for a spirited release show for a new LP, flowBand’s first in six years, It follows on the heels of a trio of Lovely Socialites series Quarantine Loops The EPs were derived from remotely produced experiments and collaborations with electronic artists including John Prow and Chant’s. The Café Coda show also marks the 10th anniversary celebration of the band’s self-released debut, The Penny. Registered Her Pleasure,

Nine complex compositions by most of the band’s members—trombonist Corey Murphy, bassist Ben Willis, cellist and guitarist Pat Reinholz, and cellist and cask player Brian Grimm—flow dabbling in more pronounced spiritual jazz influences while holding onto the familiar sonic cues of jug jazz and sleeping mess-Era Zappa. And the result is The Lovely Socialite’s most gorgeously crafted and thrilling cinematic work to date.

Take the innovative interplay of Abe Sorber’s vibraphone, Grimm’s pipe and Murphy’s trombone with Mike Koszewski’s hip-hop-flavored percussion in the prequel to “Top Secret Jazz”, a sleuth-sounding theme for cartoon noir which accelerates and tumbles. In the bass-heavy sound of chasing a leg up to the end of it. The previous piece, “Wrapped in Tentacles”, is a cello-led nautical anthem for a sinking ship, or one of the mutant octopi perils of the high seas, and is probably the closest the band has written to Rock in Opposition. as the spiritual successor of A. Henry Cow Western culture,

But one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s the lovable socialite generously penning some of the most memorable instrumental tunes in the weirdest time signatures. —Grant Phipps

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