Miranda Devine on ‘The Big Guy’ texts: ‘Huge’ evidence Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s business deals

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New York Post columnist Miranda Devine explained the importance of an aide to Hunter Biden on Friday on “America’s Newsroom,” which now refers to President Biden in public texts as a “big man,” noting that Hunter has a large following. There were previous communications with mentions of man’s influence. operations while Biden was vice president.

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Miranda Devine: ‘Big man,’ he refers to Joe Biden. and the important reason for this is that there are others communication on laptop Regarding ‘The Big Guy’, Joe was involved in Hunter Biden’s overseas influence pedaling operation when Joe Biden was vice president. … and, of course, which Biden has consistently denied that he knows anything about Hunter’s overseas business deals. He said this during the campaign, and the White House has continued to push that line. And yet the evidence is overwhelming that he was aware of these business deals and may have been involved in and may have benefited from it.

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