Mississippi welcomes its first Tesla store

Mississippi welcomed its first Tesla store with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. WJTV reported that Tesla opened its first “dealership” in Brandon, Mississippi, and participants in the ceremony were able to test some of the vehicles.

The Mississippi Tesla Store is a 25,000-square-foot building that Mayor Butch Lee said was not a typical dealership.

“It’s not a typical dealership. It’s a manufacture and deliver it to the consumer.”

The Mississippi Tesla Store used to be a fitness center.

The new store used to be Courthouse Fitness and a physical rehabilitation center for UMMC. Local developer RCI, LLC and Trihelm Properties are working together to bring Tesla to Brandon, MS.

In May, it was noted that it would be for Tesla stores; It is the first of its kind for the state of Mississippi. Brandon City shared a short welcome message to Tesla on his Facebook page.

In the photo below, members of the local community were seen watching a Tesla Model X dance a Christmas carol. For Brandon, Mississippi, Tesla brought them Christmas in July.

Mississippi’s acceptance of a Tesla store is an example for the South.

I live in Louisiana, which is the neighboring state of Mississippi. And I’ve also lived in Georgia and Texas. Here in the South, many people are seen trapped in their own way.

Things are very slow here. We take our time and there are different versions of the Southern accent. And some of our politics are not ideal.

I don’t know much about Mississippi and I’ve never lived there. But Louisiana is an oil state. So it’s Texas.

I think Tesla’s move to Texas will help its mission despite criticism that supporting Elon Musk’s Republican Party is bad for Tesla. The Republican Party is known for preferring big oil to clean energy.

I think Elon and Tesla will change that. It will not be instant or fast-paced but slow and steady. Hopefully, other states like me will see the difference Tesla is making in Texas, and see how Mississippi embraces the Tesla store, and become more receptive to new ideas.

Mississippi welcomes its first Tesla store

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