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The culture secretary has faced massive backlash after retweeting a dangerously “distasteful” image on her social media. Ms Doris retweeted an edited photo of former chancellor and Conservative leadership candidate Rishi Sunak stabbing outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the back. The Post has been shamed as having “very bad taste” in the wake of the brutal murder of Conservative MP David Ames, who was stabbed in a violent attack. Tory Party aide and trade minister Greg Hands described the post as “dangerous on the verge” in Ms Doris’ account.

Discussing the social media post on Sky News, Mr Hands said: “I am sure Liz Truss would like to distance herself from this.

“I know Liz well and I’m sure she wouldn’t want anything to do with it.

“I find it distasteful.

“Less than a year after stabbing our colleague David Ames, I found it in very bad taste, even dangerous.”

Ms Dorries’ photo shared on Twitter depicts Boris Johnson as Julius Caesar has been edited to feature Mr Sunak as her killer.

Mr Hands, who has been backing Mr Sunak in his campaign to succeed Boris Johnson, described the Twitter post as “horrendous”.

The culture secretary has repeatedly shared posts that promote the leadership bid of Mr Sunak’s rival Liz Truss, of which he is an ardent supporter.

Ms Doris has been a staunch defender of Mr Johnson and has accused key members of the Tory party, including the former chancellor, of betraying the prime minister.

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In a fiery article for the Daily Mail, Ms Doris wrote: “Sage was plotting against the most electorally successful prime minister the Conservative Party has known since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

“His actions betrayed Michael Gove’s Boris Johnson during the 2016 leadership campaign, appearing like a rank amateur rehearsing for the role of Brutus in a village hall play.”

Ms. Doris again referred to the historical assassination of Julius Caesar, who had been betrayed by her fellow ancient Roman politicians.

Speaking about her time working with Mr Sunak in cabinet, Ms Doris said: “The killer’s bright smile, his soft voice and even his short stature have fooled many of us thoroughly. Make.”

She added: “The coup that removed Boris Johnson was a long-planned one.”

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