‘No Long Be About You…’ – Chris Evert Once Schooled Former President Donald Trump Over His Bizarre Press Request

Since his playing days, Chris Evert has been known to be vocal about his strong point of view. While she used to use press conferences to express her views in earlier times, she has evolved with the technology and is now an active Twitter user. Evert’s thoughts touch on different areas of life. However, those who follow Evert may find that he has a slight inclination towards politics.

Moving into his political views, one can further point out that Evert’s tweets often revolve around former US President Donald Trump. It was the same a few years back. Going back in time, in December 2016, Evert took to his Twitter handle to school Trump on one of his bizarre requests to the media.


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Chris Evert Gives It Back to Donald Trump

Trump won the presidential election in November 2016 by defeating Hillary Clinton and was set to take office in January 2017. However, even a month after his victory, businessman-turned-president, it remained in the limelight. Not to mention, for all the wrong reasons.

In December 2014, Trump Guilty Many media houses are using his inane pictures. Moving forward, he reportedly held a meeting with several media personnel, asking them to prohibit the use of such photographs. The request opened up a large room for discussion. While many came out in support of Trump, others criticized him for his self-obsession.

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One of the many critics was tennis great Chris Evert. Angered by the request, Evert put out a message for Trump on his Twitter handle. “Donald, it can no longer be about you, your photos, your Twitter, your SNL obsession. Now it’s about your service and leadership.” she wrote.


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This wasn’t the only time Evert has come out publicly to criticize Trump. Moving on over the years, he continued to criticize the former president for his words as well as his actions. Even though Trump doesn’t yet have a presidential chair, that hasn’t stopped Evert from calling him out again and again.

Following the same path as Evert, his arch on-court rival, Martina Navratilova, has a similar approach; Navratilova also frequently comes out in public to criticize Trump on several occasions. Looking at the majestic aura of Evert and Navratilova, needless to say, the views of both get huge support from their fans as well.

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