Open forum: Joe Biden is failing in every way possible. winchester star

Brian Dali

The recent reading under President Biden has become more and more disturbing. Whether it’s my retirement fund statement or the grocery checkout screen or even more dramatically, gas pump prices, inflation is everywhere. Scan some of the recent headlines in our local newspapers, “Walmart’s grim news sends US markets lower,” “June declines in US home sales as prices hit new highs,” “Americans hit 8 months.” Filed jobless claims at the highest level in the U.S.,” “Inflation rises again in U.S. June, increasing risks to the economy,” or “cost of life crisis most affecting women,” the report says. Is.

It all started on the first day of the Biden administration when he declared war on the American fossil fuel industry. Then he travels to Saudi Arabia this month begging them to pump and refine more oil that helps destroy our country’s oil production.

The solution to the issue of rising inflation, according to Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, is simple: “Buy an electric vehicle.” It is said to be easier said than done as these vehicles average around 50 grand. But what made Buttigieg’s background propel him to this high position in Biden’s team? Perhaps he knows as much about transportation as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm knows about our oil industry. In November last year, representing America abroad, she laughed out loud when asked how the Biden team planned to increase our oil production.

The closure of pipelines and cutting drilling permits among other measures has sent a cold message to the US fossil fuel industry. While there is no doubt that in the future we will use more and more electric vehicles, that time is not here yet. Sadly, President Biden is being held captive by far-left members of his party.

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The issue of oil is central to the problem of overall inflation. High Fuel Prices, Supply Chain Issues – Tried to buy tampons, baby formula or peanut butter recently? – and a shortage of raw materials, or rising rates to carry these products, are all dependent on fossil fuels being available at a reasonable price.

Over the past week the White House was pleased to point out the recent drop of 25-30 cents a gallon at the pump. Obviously, the good news is that gas is now only two bucks more than the day he took office.

Let’s say the White House press secretary didn’t read this headline from The Star: “Gas prices may rise again before midterm election.”

President Biden has worked unsuccessfully on every major issue facing the nation. Rising inflation, uncontrolled southern border invasions, pouring fentanyl into our cities and record-setting death rates and rampant crime across the country are going on.

Truly, Mr. Biden, you have failed us miserably. don’t believe me? Just read the headlines.

Brian Daly is a resident of Frederick County.

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