Oscar Robertson, who sued the entire NBA, paves the way for a $64 million LeBron James contract

Oscar Robertson once sued the NBA for binding players to teams and paved the way for people like LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

In the early days of the NBA it was figuring out what worked and what didn’t. Oscar Robertson was one of several pioneers in the league at the time, along with the likes of Bill Russell and Jerry West. Whether it is to stand in solidarity against rampant discrimination or get players pension scheme, the stars of the league raised their voices.

Looking back at that era, the league has a very different aspect that is completely different than it is today. Player empowerment was essentially non-existent. There were two paths for a player in the NBA at the time: stay with a team for the entirety of their career as they decree or don’t say where you trade.

Wilt Chamberlain, a man widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, was traded twice in his career. Oscar Robertson sought to change this and, before winning his championship in 1971, he would sue the NBA in a now famous lawsuit known as “Robertson v. National Basketball Association”.

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Oscar Robertson files suit against the NBA.

Oscar Robertson turned heads after averaging a triple double for the entire season, but the biggest mark he made in basketball came off the court. As the president of the NBPA, he sued the league in 1970 to help players have more control over their future in the league, receive higher salaries for players, and much more.

Funnily enough, he filed an antitrust suit the same year that he traded the Bucks in a package that included Flynn Robinson. In his lawsuit, he sought to bring free agency on a wider scale to the NBA (paving the way for it to be properly incorporated in 1988), by refusing to force players to work for teams even after contracts expire. Gave.

The Big O was also looking to delay the merger of the NBA with the ABA and they certainly did as the lawsuit was settled 6 years later in 1976 when the merger finally took place.

So, as today’s superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard carve their fortunes as they move up the league, they have one man to thank: Oscar Robertson.

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