PCNOK (Patient Care Network) – Capable of Providing Any Type of Solution

Overview of PCNOK:

PCNOK (Patient Care Network) is a digital health solution for the support of chronically ill and elderly people. It provides care and rehabilitation as well as for the aging population. 

Due to social alienation, movement restrictions caused by covid distress, and sedentary lifestyles resulting from them, the need for online monitoring solutions is even more prominent.

The Definition of Patient Care Network:

Patient Care Networks or PCNOK is a technological solution for those who want to monitor the family member’s health status at home just by network-connected devices and systems for the Proper clinical parameters.

There are a lot of chronically ill, elderly patients who need to be under long-term treatment; thus, PCNOK aims to provide the best-proven tech solution at home.

These wearable devices record the patient’s medical status automatically and share it with the real-time care team so that the disease can be constantly monitored.

Proactive constant monitoring makes it possible to verify ongoing therapies and proper medications. These devices are made in such a way that they can automatically detect inconsistencies in the parameters and alert the medical team to get the treatment on track.

PCNOK Advantages:

Makes the patient autonomous:

For elderly people, it often gets hard to go to the hospital for long-term treatments. Thanks to PCNOK, which provides the proper hospitality at home and makes the patient more autonomous in managing his own condition. 

Advantages for family members:

Family members often get tensed if they are giving the proper care or not, but PCNOK never fails to supervise the health condition of the patient. In this way, caregivers get the proper track report.

Advantages for the medical team:

The data generated from the sensors can be analyzed to generate meaningful reports that can be used to track a patient’s progress. Data analysis and visualization tools can help doctors and nurses make better decisions.

Environment Friendly:

PCNOK is designed in an environment-friendly way. Through this system, the only thing that moves is data, not the patient or doctor. It reduces traffic and Co2 emissions.

Advantages of SSN:

PCNOK reduces the emergency room access of the overloading structures. Because of remote assistance, it’s easy to separate the medical team, patients, and family.

PCNOK, Care at Home:

  • PCNOK platforms (e.g., Chabot) can help staff to interact more effectively with patients by providing a safe, user-friendly, and seamless way of interacting with patients remotely.
  • These tools have the potential to save nurses a lot of time, which then helps them provide more care in remote areas, along with improving their outcomes.
  • A tool for ostomy caregivers that allows them to remotely capture clinical parameters, interact with patients on multiple channels (video call, SMS, telephone, Chabot, app, email), and encourage teleconsultation.
  • The SOS Smart Ostomy Support passively captures ostomy information every 40 seconds and allows this data to be transferred securely to the ostomy nurse without any interaction from the patient or their caregiver.
  • It provides home care for Covid patients. 
  • PCNOK simplifies the daily management to support the family members by taking care of the patient.

PCNOK a Support for the Aged:

PCNOK, the possibility of providing remote access to elderly patients’ medical and social data (medical history, daily activities, diet and nutrition, appointments, drug intake, etc.) enables Family Members and Health Care Providers to assist them better. 

Remote Monitoring allows family members, neighbors, or caregivers of the elderly to check on them remotely without disturbing their privacy. Similarly, remote access to their medical data enables physicians (or other health care providers) to better follow up on their treatment when necessary.

The PCNOK system also allows you to receive assistance in the form of push notifications, where you can indicate which people can receive notifications in the event of an emergency. In case of a fall or other emergency, you can press the Lifesaving Button to send an SOS message with your location to your contacts.

It’s possible to trust the system when you are not around your aged parents or relatives. This app automatically sends you the GPS coordinates in case an emergency is detected. PCNOK makes you feel safe.

PCNOK a Revolution Where Tech & Med met: 

Help can be requested from family and relatives, who can, at any time and from anywhere, be informed of the senior’s physical and mental state. 

The family and friends can thus be notified of any change in their loved one’s condition, receive detailed information on their current state, and even receive a recording of the senior’s reply during the communication, which can also be useful in monitoring their mental health.

In case of a fall or other emergency, the patient can press the Lifesaving Button to send an SOS message with your location to your contacts.