President Joe Biden is visiting Michigan on Tuesday to talk chip funding

President Joe Biden will be in Michigan next week to talk about a recently passed bill that provides billions to boost US semiconductor manufacturing.

The White House says Biden will visit Hemlock in Saginaw County on Tuesday, Aug. 2, to deliver a speech about the chips and the Science Act.

A $280 billion bill was passed by both the US House and Senate this week in a bipartisan effort to compete with offshore producers of semiconductor chips.

It allocates $52 billion in incentives for domestic semiconductor production and research. Within that bundle is $2 billion dedicated to stimulating the production of “mature node” semiconductors used by automakers and parts suppliers.

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Semiconductors shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic have delayed vehicle production and put pressure on US manufacturers to consolidate.

Hemlock is the home of Hemlock Semiconductor, a company that produces polysilicon for semiconductor manufacturing.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer celebrated the bill’s passage on Thursday, saying it makes a “game-changing investment” in Michigan’s economy.

“I am deeply grateful to our congressional delegation for working down the aisle to accomplish this. CHIPS+ has been around for decades, by bringing home critical supply chains, creating and protecting thousands of well-paying jobs, and reducing costs for families. Will invest in a once-in-a-generation setting for the US to develop,” she said in a statement.

Additional information about Biden’s visit has yet to be released.

This will be Biden’s sixth visit to Michigan as president.

The visit coincides with the state’s primary election day where voters will choose between five GOP gubernatorial candidates and participate in local elections.

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