President Joe Biden’s statement on the death of Nickel Nichols

In Nichelle Nichols, our country has lost a pioneer of the stage and screen who redefined what is possible for black Americans and women.

A daughter of a working-class family from Illinois, she honed her craft as an actor and singer in Chicago before touring the country and the world and performing with the likes of Duke Ellington and giving life to the words of James Baldwin. did.

During the height of the Civil Rights Movement, she broke stereotypes to become the first black woman to play a leading role in a primetime television show with her groundbreaking portrayal of Lieutenant Uhura in the original Star Trek. With a defined dignity and authority, he helped to tell a central story that redefined scientific discovery and discoveries. And he continues this legacy by working with NASA to empower generations of Americans from every background to reach for the stars and beyond.

Our nation is forever indebted to inspiring artists like Nickel Nichols, who showed us a future where unity, dignity and respect are the cornerstones of every society.


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