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According to the news by Rajkotupdates.News Game, Garena Free Fire, And PUBG India, which are the same, have been removed from the Google Play Store. The Indian government made this decision for the sake of national security. 

Still, Garena Free fire is available in the paid version in many countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Bangladesh. It is a fun-fuelled game that you can play with your friends. 

Free Fire World Series (FFWS 2022)

The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 is a world championship organised by the Garena Free Fire. Garena hosts this biannual game professionally and rewards the winning team with a total prize of $2 million. Even the 2021 edition of FFWS achieved the title of the most-watched esport event by counting live viewers.

The Free Fire World Series 2022 uses Royal mode, i.e., Squad Battle friendly with Garena video games. Here, 13 teams can participate, with four players in each group, so a total of 53 players can join the same platform at a time without armour and weapons. 

Once you land on the playground, you must search for weapons, bags, medical kits, and armour. So, you can hit and encounter them. The team which will fight till the last minute and can survive in a turmoil situation will be the winning team.

Garena Free Fire Banned in India – Free Fire Max

Garena, Free Fire has been deleted from the Google Play Store and Apple store in India. Also, this sports authority said to the media that they are investigating issues behind this decision taken by the Indian government. 

In India, the situation has become severe, and addiction among youngsters and students to this game has abruptly increased. Also, a potential attraction towards this game is spoiling children’s future and education.

Some people want this game to be banned for a lifetime, as this compulsive game can lead this society to a devastating phase. On the other hand, some people think Free Fire is a violent game that can take the young generation towards violent content. 

It is a free game to download easily from the store, so it becomes more accessible for children and youngsters. So, India counted on this situation and prohibited this game from exploiting children for commercial profits.

Is the Free Fire MAX Ban in India possible or not

In February 2022, Garena Free Fire India banned this game for the future of students and young generations and also for security purposes. But the Free Fire Max version remains open and is still available in stores. 

In the last few days, the removal of BGMI escalated the probability of a ban on Free Fire Max. Also, a group of people is demanding another ban on Max, showing the involvement of China. 

However, the survey says that a Singaporean company entirely owns Garena. There is no direct networking between Garena and Tencent (a Chinese concern). So, there is significantly less chance of banning the Max version of Free Fire. 

On the flip side, Garena must be able to host regional tournaments due to the ban rules. So this leads to several complications. Whereas, Max players are now enjoying Free Fire Max’s massive achievement as it collaborated with Justin Bieber on its 5th anniversary.

Download PUBG Mobile India Apk 2022

The benefit of downloading PUBG India apk is to experience high-intensity and action-packed mobile gaming on a stable version of an android phone. The only criterion players have to meet is the latest higher version of the android system. 

This game offers to play as a team or in a Squad of 2-4 people. You can enjoy the voice chat option to communicate with your co-players during the game. So, this feature will help players to share strategies with fellows to complete the mission and win the game. Even players will have an extensive map to help them find a safe place to land and hideouts. 

If you, as a player, can take challenges, you can store more weapons, armour, and resources to defeat enemies. On this note, you need to give some permission to this apk to experience a smooth and outstanding gaming atmosphere.

What is Garena Free Fire

Everybody knows about the status, features, and level of this game. Also, this Royal Battle Ground game leaves all competitors behind, including Call Of Duty: Mobile, Beating The Likes Of PUBG Mobile, and other popular action games. 

Aside from this, Garena Free Fire has created a historical milestone in the online sports world, achieving reviews from 60 million users and download clicks from 500 million users.

Free Fire was first introduced in September 2017 as a Beta version for android and IOS, while Battle Royales were leading the market in constant development. Also, this initial Beta version was the prior gaming platform of PUBG. 

So, the cumulative growth in the popularity of Battle Royales and addiction to mobile gaming made Free Fire more famous and the most downloadable game on the internet. They are still on the same track with increasing popularity. 

Free Fire Redeem Code 1 February 2022

Players of Garena Free Fire always seek to have the new set of redeem codes. These codes help players to claim plenty of in-play rewards, such as; gun skins, cosmetics, characters, pets, dresses, and armour.

Best VPN To Play Free Fire In India

Players should use VPN during play to get tight security with incognito browsing. Also, VPN provides powerful encryption keys that save your data from cybercrime and hackers. 

Along with these features, you can connect your gaming platform to public WiFi, leaving all hesitations. Moreover, VPN offers several new deals and accessible trails that will help you to get a more trustworthy gaming environment.

Some popular VPNs are:

  • Express VPN
  • CyberGhost
  • IP Vanish
  • PureVPN
  • Proton VPN
  • Strong VPN

What Is PUBG India 

South Korean Krafton Inc. is looking for a change needed to add a new name to their banned Battle Royale mobile game, i.e., PUBG mobile. So, they have decided to run the game in India in the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The owner has already revealed posters on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and so on. 

Wrapping Up

So, these prior advertisements are inciting rumours of a possible reintroduction of the banned game. Though the company declared that they are working on the new version of PUBG Mobile India, players are still eagerly waiting to see the reality and, of course, for the re-launch.