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photo by christy porter
Nine members of a 19-person Raymondville Volunteer Fire Department membership pose with a fire rescue truck at Yesteryear’s 8th annual Raymondville Festival. The festival is organized every year in support of RVFD.

by Christy Porter, managing editor

The 8th Annual Raymondville Festival was held Saturday at the Raymondville Fairgrounds, benefiting the Raymondville Volunteer Fire Department. RVFD serves the Raymondville area and is a mutually cooperative support for the surrounding areas, including the Chaat Rural Volunteer Fire Department.

Beginning the day’s festivities, Fire Chief Mike Jackson joined the two children present to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Jill Brittner then sang the national anthem, and Richard Brittner led a prayer.

Photos by Christy Porter

Larry Martin and the Country Revival Band provided great music and dancing throughout the day.

Photos by Christy Porter

Activities included a large range of games for children of all ages, a hayride, face painting and a bounce house. Performances, history, information and presentations by vendors, elected government officials and candidates, Civil War re-enactors, ham radio operators, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Stream Team, Life360 Community Service and K-9 Area G Search Team learning experiences and provided entertainment.

Photos by Christy Porter

It may have been impossible to go hungry, and more likely there were many options conveniently packed with all the food options, desserts, baked goods and ice cream that were available with food stands and vendors. take it home

Photos by Christy Porter

Vendors displayed and provided instructions for purchase for a range of products ranging from fall decor, fabric textiles, woodcrafts, metal engraving, illustration, jewelry, candles, herbal and plant remedies, natural cleaning supplies, crafts and clothing .

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Photos and submissions by Christy Porter

Five competitions were held throughout the day and the winners were:

Children’s Costumes (circa 1800 to the early 1900s) Competition (sponsored by Jackson Heating & Cooling) – infants up to four years old, first place was Ada Gorman, two years old; 2nd place, Ansley Gorman, age 3; and third place, Hudson Gorman, age 4; Five to eight years, first place was Emma Elliot, aka Annie Oakley, six years old.

In the Pickle Contest, Dill & Sour category the places were: 1st place, Jean Cooper (a competitor from Arkansas); in second place, Kelly Dietch; 3rd place, Reed Koda; and Ribbon, Sharon Baker and Reed Koda. The Sweet & Bread & Butter category had: 1st place, Wyatt Elliott; 2nd place, Sharon Baker; and third place, Carol DeWitt. In the Relish category: 1st place, Sharon Baker; 2nd place, Sharon Baker; and third place, Reed Koda.

Sharon Baker’s Peach Pie took first place in the pie baking contest (sponsored by representative Benny Cook), second place to Delta Hernádez and third place to Faye Beasley.

Roy King had the best mustache in the men’s mustache competition (sponsored by Lee Kearns), followed by second place, Winnie Fafso, and third place, Johnny Erbschloe.

Johnny Erbesclaw took first place in the Men’s Beard Contest (sponsored by Shelter Insurance), Kurtis O’Ginne second and John Chase third.

Voting continued throughout the day to see which member of the Fire Board would “kiss the goat”. Fire Chief Mike Jackson received the most votes, although Dave Scantlin filled the box with $5 shortly after the time came. Demonstrating his high integrity, Scantlin confesses and even kisses the goat; A fun time was had by all.

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“With the festival our goal has always been to support RVFD and give families with kids a program that they can enjoy at a very reasonable cost. The activities, learning experiences, games and snacks are priced to keep families out of the way. Come, enjoy the activities, the fellowship and the good clean fun,” shared event coordinator Sharon Baker.

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The Fire Department honored Baker and Helen Ward, Vice Presidents of the Fire Board, for their tireless efforts in coordinating the event over the past eight years; Both will retire this year due to health reasons. Baker and Ward found the decorative wooden boards of their choice.

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Representative Benny Cook honored the fire department and program coordinators with a presentation of the American American flag.

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