Ric Flair ‘hates’ Vince McMahon’s retirement. Entertainment News

WWE star Ric Flair is adamant that the company’s former CEO Vince McMahon should not have retired.

Vince resigned from his role at the wrestling firm on July 22, pending an investigation into allegations he had paid her money after he had an affair with women for four decades – but ring legend Rick is adamant Vince stays. was supposed.

During an interview on TMZ.com, Rick was asked how he felt about Vince’s retirement and he declared: “I hate it”.

Asked if Vince should have stayed, he said: “Yeah. I think he’s one of a kind and I’ve said it. He’s made a lot of people rich and he’s literally got a lot of chicken out of chicken.” made a salad. *t … he has made many people rich.”

Rick insisted he was not condoning the allegations made against the former CEO, adding: “I am certainly not defending anything that is negative and I do not take a side on that issue.” I have been apparently brought up but there is no one like the one I know as a person and what he has done for me.”

However, he insisted that the company would do well with Vince’s daughter, WWE executive Stephanie McMahon, in charge, adding: “I think Stephanie is a genius!”

Vince faced claims that he paid her millions of dollars after having an affair with a female employee. The woman he is alleged to have an affair with was a paralegal and he reportedly doubled the woman’s salary from $100,000 (£83,000) to $200,000 (£167,000) when their apparent romance began. He is said to have silenced her with a $3 million (£2.5 million) payment when their relationship turned sour.

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Vince announced his decision to step down via a statement issued through his lawyer: “As I turn 77, I feel it is time for me to retire as the President and CEO of WWE. Time is there.” Throughout the years, WWE has been fortunate to help you delight, inspire you, thrill you, surprise you, and always entertain you. “I want to thank my family for contributing to our success, and I want to thank all our past and present superstars and employees for their dedication and passion for our brand. I would like to thank our fans for letting us come to their homes every week and choose your option of entertainment. “I hold deep admiration and admiration for our generations of fans around the world who have loved our form of sports entertainment. There is no mention of the allegations that have harassed McMahon and it is unclear how his stepping down affects the investigation into his alleged misconduct.

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