Rip Ajax September 10 1980 (March) – Everything About It!

Shooting incidents are on the rise around the United States and elsewhere, but it was very uncommon back in the 90s. That doesn’t mean there were no cases of shooting and killing. Actually, on September 10, 1980, one student was shot dead, and two others were injured in a so-called accidental shooting. According to police, a student named Adrian Precia (Ajax) was shot dead by another fellow student named Michael Joseph Pratt. Since there was no internet back then, it was not possible for everyone to get to know the real truth and more information about the incident. So, if you are interested in knowing more about this incident, then we will recommend you to read this post till the end as we have shared everything related to it.

RIP Ajax September 10 1980

Who Was Ajax?

The real name of Ajax is Adrian Precia. He was a teenage student of about 18 years of age when he got killed in the shooting that happened at Springarn High School. He lived in Washington, D.C. and was very good at his studies. According to his friends and teachers, Adrian Precia, aka Ajax, was doing good in academics and in sports too. Recently, he was declared captain of the school’s rugby team, and this was another angle police search. No one actually ever expected this incident to happen in their school, and that is when the whole school was abandoned for about a year or two. To date, the school pray and hold 2 minutes of silence on September 10 every year.

The Story Behind September 10, 1980 – RIP Ajax

According to police, it was a case of accidental shooting as almost every witness told that a small calibre pistol accidentally went off when Ajax and his several other friends were passing Michael Joseph Pratt. The shooting was done with a small unregistered .25-caliber pistol, and police seized the weapon and arrested the student involved in this case.

Another student named Tanya Brown said that she was sitting three rows behind Ajax when she heard the gun sounds. She claimed that this was not an accident because she heard the boys saying, “He’d shoot Ajax, look” Ajax responded, “No, you won’t”. Just after that, the gun went off, and all she saw was Ajax lying down on the floor.

Ajax 1980 School Shooting

Latest News Related To School Shootings & Ajax Incident

The city’s Mayor responded to the incident and offered a probe into this matter. Also, the rules and regulations about the security of schools have to be changed. The students were roaming around in the hallways and outside the building as the school staff tried to get them to go back to class. About 50 students were in the school’s auditorium for registration, most of them new students or ones who had transferred or dropped out and came back. Inside, there were several teachers, counsellors, and an administrator helping the students with enrolling and scheduling their classes.

Final Words

So, this is all about Adrian Precia, aka AJAX and why everyone is posting RIP Ajax on social media handles. He was among the first students that got killed in school, and that is why everyone remembers this case. If you know something more about this incident that we might have missed mentioning, then do let us know about it.

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