Rishi Sunak too focused on keeping EU happy on Northern Ireland protocol

She claimed that the foreign secretary’s support of the bill means that if she becomes prime minister, the EU will know where they stand.

“I think it’s important, because we have consistently looked at the Brexit process, the EU has really shown resilience in walking when they are forced to.”

Downplaying the risks of a harsh trade war erupting, Mr Lewis said the UK and the EU had huge economic challenges to deal with.

“While we are dealing with issues like Ukraine, the EU’s concerns about Norfolk sausages being sold in Belfast are not within the scope of something they should be overly concerned about.

“Norfolk sausages are sound, they are good! Both Liz and I, as Norfolk MPs, can attest to that.

Despite the controversy over the protocol, she said Ms Truss has been able to work productively with the EU in areas of “mutual interest”, including Ukraine.

‘DUP knows Liz’

And Mr Lewis said Mr Truss would be in a better position to steer the Democratic Unionist Party back to power if she becomes prime minister.

,[The DUP] Know Liz, they trust Liz, because she brought Bill forward… I think it will give him more confidence,” he said.

“Ultimately, I think Liz as prime minister is likely to return more quickly to the power-sharing side in Stormont.”

On Saturday night, Ms Truss also received support from Brexiteer QC Martin Howe.

In a blog for UK lawyers, Mr Howe said he believed the Treasury Protocol had “nearly succeeded in scrapping” the bill.

“I fear the reality of a fad premiership would be to do away with the bill in exchange for a quick face-saving deal with the EU that would bypass most of the protocol and its problems,” he said.

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