Rishi Sunak’s slide continues as former rival Tom Tugendhat joins Tories lining up behind Liz Truss

The road to power appears to be quicker for former chancellor Rishi Sunak, as more Tories gather around Liz Truss.

Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat is the latest to put his support behind Truss, after bidding for her leadership and making the last five.

During the debate, Mr Tugendhat had billed himself as a “clean break” candidate in addition to those who worked under Boris Johnson – but will now support Mr Johnson’s foreign secretary, who has suggested that the PM be given the position. should not have been removed.

write in many timesMr. Tugendhat said: “Being Prime Minister is not a walk in the park. It demands determination, determination and passion. These debates have shown a different side of both the candidates. Only one has convinced me that he is ready.”

“We need a leader to unify the Conservative Party. It’s clear that Liz can do this. Both the candidates have immense qualities and many talents, but we need a leader with experience in foreign affairs to forge an alliance and keep our country safe.”

He continued: “Liz has always stood up for British values ​​at home and abroad. With her, I have no doubt that we will move forward with determination to make this country safer and more secure.”

Although Mr Sunak topped the party’s lawmakers’ ballot last month, polling indicates he is trailing Ms Truss with party members who will ultimately choose the winner.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace also supported Ms Truss on Friday, writing that she is “a winner not because she is a clever salesperson, but because she is authentic”.

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He said: “It is not that Rishi is not an able cabinet minister. I’m sure he can do the job of prime minister like the others in the competition, but from day one the new prime minister needs to know his way around the international community as well as the Treasury. Only Liz can do that. ,

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Voted by BMG Research I showed that she is neck and neck with Liz Truss among the wider electorate, but 11 points behind those who voted Conservatives in the last election and 19 points behind those who voted to leave the European Union.

As he attempts to get his campaign back on track, on Saturday Mr Sunak vowed a legal review of the Equality Act, branding the non-discrimination law as a “Trojan horse” he called “brainwashing” the olive branch. Attacked on the ‘Culture War’. worker

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