Ron DeSantis tops Donald Trump in national 2024 election when first and second choice are combined

More turnout makes a case for DeSantis running for the White House.

A recent national survey offers new evidence Ron DeSantis’ Viability if he runs for president in 2024.

a Suffolk University/USA Today The poll shows DeSantis is ahead of Trump in hypothetical presidential preference in the primary voting that mixes first and second choices among potential candidates.

When the first and second choices were combined, DeSantis was ahead of all possible candidates, including the former president. Donald Trump, Sixty-four percent of respondents supported DeSantis in one of the top two slots, placing the governor 7 points above Trump.

Other candidates lagged behind. former vice president mike pence Adding first- and second-choice voting received 17% of support, while the former UN ambassador Nikki Haley Received 15% “top-two” support.

However, DeSantis was not able to single out Trump as the top choice for 2024.

In a first-choice vote only, Trump led the fray, but without a clear majority of the voting respondents. The former president was the choice of 43% of the 414 respondents to the question, with 34% preferring DeSantis. The other 8% were undecided, with Pence 7% away for third place.

Although Trump still has a strong majority of first-choice supporters, this poll still offers more evidence that a significant amount of potential primary voters are rejecting the former president outright.

DeSantis topped the second-choice vote with 32% of support. This is more than twice the support of any other potential candidate. Trump’s second-choice 16% was good for second place to DeSantis, with Haley and Pence just three and five points behind the former president.

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The Suffolk University/USA Today poll is the latest bit of positive voting news for the governor. A four-state battlefield survey conducted this week John Bolton Super Pac showed DeSantis ahead in two of those states.

While neighboring Georgia may not have been such a big surprise, DeSantis’s fictional leadership in Ohio is the latest example that Florida’s governor could have national appeal among GOP primary voters. However, he continues to be forced When journalists ask him if he is going to run in 2024.

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