Science and Technology Where does Matilda live?

It can be hard to let go of some old customs when you’ve been like this for so long. Currently, women empowerment movements have achieved success in various fields including science and technology.

Although the gender gap in these types of careers is very small, from the number of people studying these professions to the number of men in key positions compared to women, what’s stopping us from comparing them? With men in faculties?

The lack of female role models in the scientific and technological industry is due to the fact that for centuries women have been looked down upon by their peers and even silenced seeing that their work is credited to another person. Is. This is called the “Matilda Effect”. In honor of Matilda Joslin Gage, an activist and writer who fought for women’s suffrage and one of the first to speak out for not being properly recognized for her work.

Like Matilda, many women have fallen victim to this influence and been forgotten, but the passage of time and historians has enabled us to imagine and respect her work.

Chemist Rosalind Franklin, scientist Lise Meitner, and physicist Marietta Blau are just some of the women who have been properly credited over the years, so now it’s time to talk about them, tell our girls about these amazing people, and give them a role. It’s time. The time has come to give. Model, because although there are still some gender boundaries, we are in a time of female awakening where “Matilda” can no longer be allowed to exist.

Ladies, live and show your potential. Because a world with greater diversity in all spheres is the world of the future, getting caught up in the customs of the past is holding us back as a society.

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