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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have decrypted several blockchain messages that they say Ryoshi returned from obscurity. Speculation has grown that Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi is behind a cryptocurrency project called Daijitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) after receiving cryptic messages about the new project within the blockchain. Shiba Inu aficionados have now concluded that the new cryptocurrency was created by an inclusive cult developer Ryoshi, the mastermind behind Shiba Inu Memecoin.

The community of Shiba Inu followers is known for its fervent devotion to Memecoin, which helped it climb by 48,000,000% from its 2020 launch price.

The utter enthusiasm of the Shiba Inu community, The Shiba Army and the mystic surrounding its founder Ryoshi has allowed Memecoin to surpass its quasi-sarcastic beginnings and become a complete decentralized ecosystem within the crypto realm.

The group of developers guiding Memecoin’s progress is now planning a stablecoin called ‘SHI’ and its own decentralized exchange called Shiba Swap.

Memecoin’s core community member spoke to and said how people are now viewing the “new project guidelines” within the actual blockchain.

These encoded messages are similar to the way the mysterious Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi would communicate with hordes of his followers before disappearing in May of this year and deleting his social media footprint.

The core community member said there were “on-chain messages” with words such as “faith, faith and patience”.

He described the experience of deciphering these encoded communications as “a kind of way that ultimately results in some big revelation that we think, that the token is some kind of new utility, not just a meme. Token and that would be Ryoshi Stepping from the Shadows”.

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Speaking about the current situation with the development of Shiba Inu, he said that “Shiba has become very centralized and kind of a launchpad for internal tokens and projects.

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“I can’t speak for Ryoshi, only the things he said, but it sure seems like he had nothing left to say with Shibe and Tsuka takes some great lessons from Shibe, and the developer’s The final message was that Tsuka would save most of DeFi”.

Tsuka cryptocurrency is like a new-age counter-culture movement from 1969, mixed with the techno-cults of late capitalism.

In late May, founder Ryoshi removed his social media footprint and announced his departure from the crypto world in a farewell note on Medium.

Ryoshi said: “I’m not important, and one day, I’ll be gone without notice. Take Shiba and travel uphill.”

Since then mysterious messages in the form of transaction notes have appeared on the Ethereum blockchain, with a growing consensus among some Shiba Inu fans that Ryoshi is behind Tsuka.

The anonymous founder who is renowned for his secretive methods of communication has remained silent and has made no claims that he is involved in any new projects.

This month marks the anniversary of the launch of Shiba Inu, MemCoin launched in August 2020.

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