Shibarium: The New Future of the Shiba Inu Metaverse

A new partnership has been formed with TTF (The Third Floor Inc.) to continue design and development Shiba Inuof metaverse, TTF is the largest visualization studio producing IP for television, film, video games, VR and more, and is renowned for its excellent collaboration with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Experts are now predicting that this will cost the Shiba Inu to the moon and their partnership with TTF is expected to lead to world-class design, visualization and development.

On the other hand, while the Shibu Inu ecosystem continues to grow Shiv Roadmap, some of its projects will have to depend on Shiberium.

Shiberium is an L2 solution blockchain that was proposed by Ryoshi – the creator of Shiba Inu Coin. Note that Shiberium is not Shibu Inu’s blockchain, it is and will always be linked to Ethereum. One of the main goals is to reduce transaction fees for users of the Sheba ecosystem.

But why are investors so excited shibarium, The proposed layer-2 solution would put a lot of benefits on the table. In addition to lowering transaction fees, Shiberium could also solve the problem by increasing SHIB’s gas charges. Although the developers are already working on the issue, Shiberium will make it easier for them. It also said that the burning mechanism of Schiberium will help investors to reduce more than 549 trillion Shiv Tokens are floating around and waiting to be burned.

Presumably, the Shiba Inu is now set to climb as soon as the Shiberium launches and has already raised the burn rate to 408% last Friday.

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