Tesla purchases iPhone battery, new technology and apps expected on Galaxy S24

Didn’t have time to follow the news yesterday? Wednesday, September 21 is marked here: Apple fixes the battery display of iOS 16, the Galaxy S24 will benefit from Wi-Fi 7 and Tesla makes it possible to buy a car with its application. In order not to miss any news, don’t forget to subscribe to the Friendroid newsletter.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro // Source: Anthony Voner for Android

Apple has understood its error on the display of iPhones battery percentage

With iOS 16, Apple has brought a long-awaited feature to iPhone users: the display of the battery percentage in the icon at the top right of the screen. However, the system was considered confusing by users, as the battery gauge was filled until the remaining battery life was reduced to 20%. Apple eventually corrected this function in iOS 16.1 by introducing a dynamic icon displaying a yellow representative of the number displayed in the overlay.

Galaxy S24 may be the first to integrate this technology

While we are now expecting the Galaxy S23 early next year, we also know about the next generation, the Galaxy S23 scheduled for 2024. According to information from the Taiwanese site Digitimes, Samsung is already working and already working hard to make it happen. Its range of smartphones compatible with Wi-Fi 7… even though the standard hasn’t been announced. We can expect much higher throughput, but also better management of network saturation or latency.

Tesla: Surprisingly it’s now possible to buy an electric car

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a Tesla, but you’re disappointed by the fact that this acquisition isn’t possible through the manufacturer’s application. Never mind, if this case exists, the American manufacturer has now thought of you. From now on, the Tesla mobile application allows you to order a Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 or Model Y directly without having to visit the manufacturer’s website.

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