The FFXIV Shiba Mount Is Now Its Best-Selling Store Item

It takes a lot to distract Final Fantasy XIV players from their glamour, but the new FFXIV shiba mount has managed to do the impossible and overtake Fantasia’s popular phial as the best-selling store item. The critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has its own online store that sells a variety of cosmetics, mounts, and more for real money (including the ability to book your own in-game wedding).

You might not necessarily know the store is there, because FFXIV doesn’t really make it into the game, but you can’t step into the main hub areas of any MMO without passing dozens of players in the glamor of premium clothing. Since joining on June 30th, the number of Erzines I’ve seen in trendy-looking street attire has dwindled.

While it has proven popular, however, it pales in comparison to another addition from June 30. The Megashiba mount, which sits your Warrior of Light atop a giant Shiba Inu, was an instant hit among fans—with showers of love for the beloved pup immediately pouring in from the entire sporting community.

Now, the handsome pooch has claimed his rightful place on the best seller list of the FFXIV online store, managing to outshine even the mighty phial of Fantasia. Fantasia, an item that allows users to change the appearance, race and gender of their characters, has long been one of the most popular store items as unsure users experiment with a range of different variations. The street outfit above makes it to third place, though it’s unable to best Fantasia.

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As stated in a source on the game’s subreddit, “Dogo has dethroned the king.” Users in the comments joke that the trend won’t last, though – one says, “A temporary moment of weakness. It’ll be over soon.” Another suggestion is that Shiba could further increase sales of Mount Fantasia, as players think, “You know what would look really cute on this Megashiba?”

The FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove event is currently underway, and we’ve got all the details on that link. We’ve got everything you need to know about the fantasy game’s next big update, which brings a full set of FFXIV 6.2 patch details, including Island Sanctuary Mode, and a very welcome leap in glamor storage capacity.

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