The former SFA referee explains why it will be Rangers and Celtic who are the VAR . are bad because of

A former SFA referee has rebuked the governing bodies for the timing of the VAR’s start for Scottish football.

And he believes it will be the two big players in Scotland who will be most negatively affected by this.

VAR to be introduced at some point during the Scottish football season


VAR to be introduced at some point during the Scottish football seasoncredit: SNS

The technology was originally supposed to be brought in after the World Cup in Qatar, but it is understood that the Hampden chiefs are trying to push the delivery date.

This weekend, the VAR has been put for a test run in two top-flight matches as the country’s officials look to be trained on the new technology.

Des Roche, who has primarily commanded matches in League One and League Two, explained on the Get Involved Referees podcast why he thinks Rangers and Celtic will lose through VAR more than it is in their favor.

He added: “I think the fact that Celtic and Rangers are mainly attacking more, the opposition are more in the penalty area, they can’t potentially get as many decisions as they did before because we have to go and observe. Didn’t have that minute details to do but at the end of the day better teams win because they have better players and they are scoring more goals, not because referees give them more or less judgement. Will they be interrupted by this ? Possibly.”

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Premierships won’t have the new technology until October at the earliest.

Even this is merely a result of the Hampden owners’ desire to fast-track the implementation of VAR.

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But Roche insists that any introduction in mid-season is simply ridiculous.

He said: “It’s ridiculous. You tell me the SPFL has sponsors, they have teams that are going to be there, they know they need to equip 12 grounds and they have between January 1st.” There is not enough time. The end of July, the beginning of August, for these grounds and this equipment?

“We’ve seen them in their Star Trek booth in Hampden, doing their stuff. Why isn’t it ready? We’re holding it up and that’s ridiculous to me.”

Elsewhere, another former SFA referee in Bobby Madden has made his England debut – but not without controversy.

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