Top do’s and don’ts when meeting a recruiter or a recruitment agencies in Germany

Here’s a little-known fact about recruiting: it’s not exactly a complex science. It’s true that you may get more out of a meeting with a recruiter if you put in some time beforehand to think about your next steps, relevant experience, and desired approach to the job hunt. Having any plan for your professional future is better than none.

If you have a bad interview with a recruiter that handles hiring for many organizations in your region, the recruiter may be hesitant to introduce you to some of the businesses.

For that reason, here is a compiled list of the most important things to do and avoid while interacting with recruitment agencies in Germany.


  • Get dressed

The way something is presented is important. You need to look your best while meeting with a recruiter. You may relax your attire once you’ve landed the job, but we’d want to see you in your best business attire. You can relax and focus on the task at hand if you’re wearing stylish, well-fitting clothing that doesn’t need many adjustments.

Do you have to constantly dress formally for work? This time, maybe not. The time investment is little, but it might be decisive in determining which candidates to cut from a large pool. Dress to the highest level set by your company. A candidate’s chances of being hired will never be hurt by their attention to detail while dressing for the interview.

  • Be prompt

With recruitment agencies in Germany, this is an absolute must, once again. Please don’t arrive very early or late. An hour early is preferable than an hour late, but both might be uncomfortable. When we send you out to see a customer, how can we trust that you won’t be late again if you’re late meeting us?

If you’re concerned about being late, research parking and public transportation options near your appointment, as well as real-time traffic and construction reports. It’s OK to build in a little cushion for the unexpected, but try to keep it to no more than ten or fifteen minutes at the most.

  • Examine your resume in detail.

It happens sometimes that a candidate can’t recall the intricacies of an item on their resume when I question them about it. You should know your resume like the back of your hand so that you can recall your past roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments with ease.


  • Be very adaptable.

To wit: avoid declaring, “I’ll take any job, anyplace.” Your preferences make it simpler to target the perfect career for you, thus showing any sign of flexibility really makes our work more difficult. Make a strategy and tell us about it so that we can help you be hired for the position you desire. Even if you don’t know the job title you want, it might assist to describe the kinds of work you’ve had success with in the past.

  • Get off course

There is a 45-minute to 1-hour window after recruitment agencies in Germany first see you during which they will attempt to learn about you and your professional goals. Succinctness and directness will serve you well here; they will let you breeze past the recruiter’s many queries.

If you want to impress a recruiter, pay close attention to what they ask, and tailor your response accordingly (which is not necessarily the same as what you want to tell them). Depending on what information is needed, a recruiter may request more information from you. This is particularly the case if the expert you’re dealing with specializes in the interim or temporary workforce.

  • Lie about your prior failures

Avoid exaggerating your work experience or covering any holes in your resume. It’s quite common for people to make errors in their careers, take time off for personal reasons, take parental leave, and then go back to school. If you’re dishonest with your recruiter, they’ll eventually figure it out and lose faith in you, which will hurt your chances of being represented.