Many homeowners regard their garage as merely a place to keep their car when it is not in use. On the other hand, other homeowners have much higher expectations for their garages. Garages have been used as a place to do work or as extra living space in the home. More and more homeowners are becoming aware that garage upgrades and renovations are an excellent way to increase the value of a home.

In this article, we will look at top garage wall ideas that add value to your home.

  1. Use Pegboard Wall Storage
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For many years, when it came down to garage wall ideas you will love, pegboard was one of the first things that came to mind.

Initially used for merchandising in the retail sector, pegboard storage was eventually adapted for use in residential garages after people logically realized its potential.

The pegboard design enabled homeowners to store their belongings on the garage wall in various ways. It was beneficial for storing tools in a garage workshop because it had a variety of hooks and hangers. 

  1. Invest in A Custom Cabinet System

Another clever way to better use your garage walls is to install storage cabinets. Spending more on a premium cabinet system customized to match the rest of your interior decor is worthwhile.

The cabinet system can be customized to be wall-mounted, giving it a unique “floating” appearance. Professionals can also alter the design by incorporating drawers beneath the lockers.

Compared to cheap cabinets online or in a big-box store, high-quality cabinet systems will last longer, are built with better materials, and give a garage a more impressive, professional appearance.

Additionally, cabinets offer more options for garage storage and space to keep things arranged, concealed, and locked up. Hand tools, power tools, cleaning supplies, auto care items, and gardening equipment are best stored in cabinets. And custom cabinets can provide your garage with more benefits than extra storage space. They have features like a sink and a mounted TV that make them suitable as a garage workshop.

  1. Have A Slatwall Storage System Installed
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With the walls of a garage being invaluable for storage and interior design upgrades, wouldn’t it be nice if a product met both requirements?

There is such a product, and it is known as a Slatwall. Slatwall panels and hanging accessories are the best wall-mounted garage storage solution, providing garages with a clean, finished look.

Installing PVC slatwall panels in your garage that are sturdy, easy to clean, and waterproof is part of this complete wall-hanging system.

This wall-hanging system keeps your garage organized and maximizes storage space by utilizing a variety of hooks, racks, baskets, bins, and shelves. Slatwall makes rearranging your stored items more accessible than other wall storage systems, such as pegboard. Additionally, slatwall can also be used as a decorative garage wall feature in the following ways:

  • it can cover the entire garage wall and be used in corners and awkward spaces
  • another slatwall color can be incorporated into the wall design for a decorative effect
  • slatwall can be combined with open drywall space
  • ribbon lighting installed on the slatwall creates a unique, more inviting look  
  1. Add Tire Racks

Tire racks are a good investment if you live in a northern climate with enough snow to warrant snow tires. A spare set of tires on your garage floor, even if stacked on top of one another, takes up space that could be better utilized. And if you have multiple vehicles with spare tires, the space they take up adds up.

Wall-mounted tire racks provide a dedicated space for an off-season set of tires, freeing up more floor space.

Hang Metallic Trim or Sheets

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Some homeowners prefer to hang metallic trim or sheets on their garage walls for functional and decorative purposes.

These items are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel and have a tough diamond plate design. Trim can be installed in various places around the perimeter of a garage.

Some people cover their garage walls with decorative metal sheeting, while others prefer a subtler look and only add a trim strip in the middle.

Others prefer to add metal trim in various styles to the tops of their walls as crown molding or as a wall base.

The eye-catching trim adds visual interest to the walls of a garage, which is why it also works well as a backsplash in the design of a cabinet system. Metal corner guards are another application for the material on garage walls. The guards are decorative and also protect the corners from scratches and scuffs.

  1. Install Wall Lighting
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This remodels how design elements such as perimeter wall lighting and baseboard coating can give a garage a distinct, high-end appearance.

Wall lighting in the garage has traditionally been uncommon. That is gradually changing as more homeowners evolve their thinking and recognize that the garage deserves to be as nice as the rest of their home.

Adding lighting to the garage walls can supplement your main overhead lighting, but it is more likely to be used for decorative purposes and to make the room appear more inviting.

Some remodeling projects have included installing LED ribbon lighting beneath slatwall panels to make the wall stand out even more. The lighting is activated when the garage door opens and can also be controlled by a remote switch. Other wall lighting ideas include installing sconces to give the room more ambiance and a different look.

  1. Add Garage Baseboard

Let’s delve deeper into the advantages of a garage baseboard and some other wall base options. Installing a high-quality garage wall base:

  • covers up the gap between the wall and floor for a seamless wall-to-floor transition
  • keeps drywall protected from water damage
  • helps to keep out pests
  • cuts down on drafts
  • provides an extra decorative touch that helps complete the look of the room

Because of the high moisture levels in most garages, you should avoid using wood or polystyrene wall moldings. Another reason to use a more resilient wall base is the water that collects on a garage floor from rain and melting snow.

Vinyl and rubber wall bases and cove base molding are frequently used. They are commonly sold in rolls with an adhesive backing. Although this type of wall base product is inexpensive and simple to install, it only provides some of the above benefits.


Your garage can be used for much more than just storing a car when it is not in use. These applications can improve the functionality of your home while also improving its aesthetics. However, if properly planned, all of these upgrades have the potential to add significant value to the price your home can command if you decide to sell it later.