What You Need To Know About Trino Marin

Jose belongs to a Christian family from Mexico and is a claimant of a joint successor. His identity says that he is an American-Mexican personality. 

His wife, Jennie, was a popular name due to her profession. She was then an established actor, songwriter, and singer. 

The parents of Trino Marin José (Trinidad Marín) settled down in the US, leaving Mexico. The specific reason behind migrating to the US was unclear and still needs to be revealed.  

As Jose and Jenni were sure enough about their privacy, they wanted the media and public to respect their thoughts. So, there is no data about Jose’s marriage life and post-imprisonment life. Also, there are so many rumors raised about Trino Marin’s death, but those are unproven.

Jose Trinidad Early Life 

José Trinidad becomes 58 in February 2022, as indicated by the world declaration subjected to Trino’s introduction. The person, 5 feet 9 inches in height, possesses an elegant look and robust physique. Besides this, he was spiritually inclined to the Christian religion and a committed supporter of Christ.

There needs to be more information about Trino’s life and Trino marin death, as we are clueless. Because there is no evidence or a single photograph that can demand their existence, he has his family, but he keeps it very private. That’s the reason that the untold story is yet to be uncovered. 

Coming to his love life, it seems like a fairy tale with a sorrowful ending. Jenni was his first affection, and he proposed to her during his schooling in a secondary school. But, their marriage ended soon; within eight years, 

José Trinidad Marín started to abuse his wife, children, and other family members. It is reported that Jenni became a mother with her first baby at 15. Also, she was in secondary school at that time. Also, the report says Jennie’s sister used to live with them. But Jose was harsh and outrageous to her. 

During this scene, after so many conjugal fights, the family shouts at him and lodges a diary against him. Eventually, he was arrested and condemned to 31 years of imprisonment. 

However, the scenario began to change in 1992. Court claimed Jose was the tyrant as he physically and mentally abused his wife, Jenni. This year the couple got separated, and Trino was abandoned by his entire family and jailed.

Life Before Marriage

Jose was the pioneer of a Mexican-American bistro. He is also a music lover and appreciates all kinds of music. His all-generated revenues honor his efforts in his early life. 

When he met Jenni, Trino Marin was involved in a bunch of occupations. On the one hand, he was administering a popular Mexican-American fusion eatery with considerable earnings at that 20 years of age. On the other hand, he was a devotee of music and an appreciator of his wife’s performances.

But, Trino Marin was not comfortable with her profession and schooling. So he wanted her to stay home and care for their children. That was the beginning of the breaking of the wedlock. Jenni was determined with her profession and education. So, Jose became furious and turned out to be violent to her. 

How Many Kids Did Jenni Rivera Have With Trino?

Repost says, Trino’s first meeting with his wife Jenni Rivera Trino Marin Joven, he fell head over heels for that 15 year old girl. Jose Marin Trinidad (Trino) had proposed to her (Jenni) to get married when he was 20 years of age. After that, in 1984, they tied the knot.

Their first baby, “Chiquis,” came when Jenni was only 15. And that time, she was a student at a secondary school. After that, Rivera gave birth to another two children at her 17. They have a total of five children.  

But unfortunately, due to their marital problem, Trino and Jerri separated in 1992. Jose was convicted of abusing his wife, sister-in-law, and kids. 

Trino Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband Jose married another woman and began his new life on the outskirts of the country. But nobody could trace any photograph of his new married life and his second wife. His first wife, Jenni, died due to a plane crash in 2012. 

Family, Parents, And Siblings Of Jose Trinidad Marin 

As Trino Marin Joven was very private, people didn’t know much about his family. But one thing was clear: Trino was praised by his steady and discreet family.

Therefore, nobody knows who his parents are and how they manage a legal calling. Even everybody is curious to know about their experiences in their son’s imprisonment.

Also, it was impossible to discuss with other relatives or family members, as they were beyond any connectivity. Trino never recognized his family in front of others.