Trump mocks Biden over his Covid diagnosis, despite opponent’s previous wishes about the virus. world | news

Mr Biden, 79, tested positive for the virus for the second time in two days yesterday. The White House doctor said he “has not experienced a re-emergence of symptoms and is feeling well”.

Mr Trump took a dig at his opponent and suggested that he was actually suffering from something different.

Writing on his Truth social platform, which was seeded after the then president was removed from Twitter, the businessman-turned-politician joked that Mr Biden had “dementia”.

He wrote: “Joe Biden’s second fight against COVID, sometimes referred to as the China virus, was tragically misdiagnosed by his doctors.

“Instead he has dementia, but he is happily recovering.

“Who is thinking about moving into one of those beautiful Wisconsin nursing homes, where almost 100 percent of residents miraculously, and for the first time in history, had the strength and energy to vote – even if they voted illegally. by way.”

Mr Trump particularly fit many of his points in his message.

These included the notion that Mr Biden was unfit for office and that his 2020 election victory was rigged.

In a teasing ending, he added: “Get well soon, Joe!”

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Commentators responded to Mr Trump’s message with (some) shock, calling it “wild”.

Twitter user @stinaxlynn85 asked readers to “compare and contrast”.

The White House has not responded to the post.

Others mocked Mr Biden from another angle after he tested positive for the virus again.

He pointed to a 2021 appearance on CNN when the president insisted that “if you have these vaccinations you won’t get COVID”, to increase the take-up rate.

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Mr Biden has received four COVID vaccines and has tested positive at least half of this number.

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