USPA Launches Autonomous Security Technology Division

MIAMI, July 30, 2022 (Globe Newswire) — USPA Nationwide Security has announced a new autonomous security system in its service line. In September, the USPA will offer its customers the deployment of the next generation of drones.

“Our Autonomous Security Technology division includes drones to complement our human security solutions at a fraction of the cost of supplemental personnel,” said USPA CEO Dan Manning. “By integrating base station position and surveillance features, which learn with every deployment via artificial intelligence, USPA’s drones can respond to movement over any part of the protected area, with a response time of up to 90 seconds. -Can be anywhere on the acre. Property.”

“Predetermined flights, video surveillance and autonomously chosen flight paths learned by our AI to detect obstacles and intermittent sweeps allow our systems to be mostly unmanned, allowing our customers to access patrol vehicles, manned Guard stations and personnel save on the cost of piloting the drone. Covering large areas requires protection.”

USPA’s drones can fly in adverse weather, capture high-definition video, then charge autonomously and then redeploy without any human direction.

The USPA’s first deployment of drones will begin in September. The international security firm says their remote autonomous security systems can also address the challenges of crowd control, civil unrest and monitoring large incidents.

Founded in 2005, USPA Nationwide Security is an international security firm. With franchise offices in most of the United States and overseas, there are two separate companies under the USPA umbrella:

USPA Nationwide Security: Provides traditional security guard, fire watch guard and protective services throughout the United States. The division is functional 24/7, with operations centers across the country making and responding to calls to customers. You can read the USPA Nationwide Safety review here.

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USPA International Security: Focusing on security services for decades in the Caribbean Islands, parts of Europe and the Republic of the Maldives, the division is made up of security contractors who protect families, businessmen and children on holidays, travel and other trips south of United . State.

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Autonomous Security Technology Division

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