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Marilyn Monroe
Netflix to release Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde in September Photo: Getty Images

Like Elvis, we can never really do a . are not far from Marilyn Monroe Revival. Between fitting (and being unfairly accused of causing harm) Kim Kardashian in the infamous 1962 JFK “Happy Birthday” dress for the Met Gala in May, and the biopic, Blonde, based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel, and in September In the midst of coming to Netflix, we appear to be in the midst of another Monroe moment.

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Dominic’s Diamond

Andrew Dominic
… directed by Andrew Dominic, who made two documentaries about Nick Cave … Photo: Getty Images

The new film, led by Ana de Armas, looks like a departure for its director, Andrew Dominic, though perhaps like his classic The Assassination of Jesse James by the Cowardly Robert Ford, it will explore the underlying myths of American culture, whatever shape they take. Dominic, who hails from Australia, has also made two documentaries about compatriot Nick Cave.

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Nick Cave
Not to be confused with 20,000 Days on Earth, the cave is also about… Photo: Getty Images

The latest, This Much I Know to Be True (Mubi), follows 2016’s One More Time With Feeling. None of this is to be confused with 20,000 Days on Earth, another movie about Nick Cave which came in 2014.

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pj harvey
…who was in a relationship with PJ Harvey, who was rumored to be with Vincent Gallo… Photo: PA

Cave was ever in a relationship with pj harvey – Its dissolution was the inspiration for their 1997 album The Boatman’s Call. Meanwhile, Harvey presses on with the electro-infused Is This Desire? and 2000’s Stories of the City, Stories of the Sea’s Weightless Rock. When it comes to her personal life, Harvey usually keeps her cards close to her chest, although she was rumored to be in a relationship with Vincent Gallo around that time. He said they were just friends and occasional collaborators. The Cave and Gallo episodes, and Harvey’s entire oeuvre, are explored in depth in recent episodes of the podcast Bandsplain, featuring rock critic Ann Powers.


arthur miller smokes a pipe
…which was in Angela, directed by Rebecca Miller, Arthur’s daughter, who was married to Marilyn Monroe… Photo: Getty Images

One of the original hipster provocateurs, Gallo has bounced around music, film and fashion for decades (with various controversies and conflicting outrage). She starred in writer/director Rebecca Miller’s 1995 debut, Angela. She, of course, comes from storied stock, with her father being a Arthur Miller, who married her mother, photographer Inge Moreth, a year after her divorce from Marilyn Monroe was finalized; How any of this is represented in the film will be known in the coming months.

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Marilyn Monroe In Gentlemen Prefers Blondes
Photograph: Kobal/Shutterstock

watch Before the arrival of blondes, remember one of Monroe’s finest roles in the 1953 musical comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

drink The martini is also enjoying a moment this year and seems to be a fitting Monroe-wynne drink. “They’re not good for you, they’re just good,” as one chef put it.

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