Why OOH Advertising is More Important Than Ever in Our Current Economic Climate

Businesses everywhere and in many different sectors are looking for ways to save money right now. The economic climate and cost of living crisis means that sales might not be as strong as they have been, and this means less profit – cost saving is the order of the day. 

Because of this, you might be considering reducing your marketing budget. After all, every penny saved is a positive. However, with marketing, that might not actually be the case. When you stop marketing, people will stop buying, and that is the last thing any business needs right now. So instead of reducing your marketing, it might just be wise to start taking it in another direction. With that in mind, read on about how OOH (out-of-home) advertising could be just what your business needs. 

Digital Is Ubiquitous

The entire point of advertising is that people notice it. If they don’t notice it, it’s not going to do its job – that is, it’s not going to persuade people to buy from you. Because there is just so much advertising online, whether that’s on social media, on websites, or even through email, it’s easy for consumers to just ignore it. They’ll scroll past and not even register what the ad is for. They’ll skip it to get to a video they want to watch. They’ll set up a junk email filter and never see the newsletter you sent at all. 

OOH advertising, on the other hand, fell out of favour which means that now it’s coming back into fashion due to its many benefits, people see it. It hasn’t reached saturation point, and it is noticed. Since you need your advertising to get noticed, it makes sense to try OOH advertising. 

People Aren’t At Home Anymore

During 2020 and a fair chunk of 2021, people had to stay at home. They didn’t go anywhere other than the park, perhaps, and they did everything from home, including any leisure activities. So advertising reached out to them at home – often through a screen of some kind. It worked, and a lot of businesses found new customers. 

However, we’re not in lockdown anymore, and many of us try to leave the house as much as possible because we were stuck in it for so long. This means that you need to start advertising in other places because that’s where people are. Supermarket advertising is a good example; now that people can shop more comfortably, the adverts they come across will be fresh and new and they’ll pay attention. 

It Is Memorable 

A marketing campaign is only as good as the number of people who remember it (and for the length of time it is remembered). With so much digital marketing around, most people would be hard-pressed to recall any particular advert or any particular product. It’s there and then it’s gone. 

OOH advertising is different. It’s far easier to remember because it stays in place for a certain amount of time. If you go to the supermarket once a week and see the same advert every time for a couple of months, it will be easier to remember than a digital ad that you fleetingly passed by as you scrolled.