Will Pete Davidson be on the Kardashians? Hulu removes trailer featuring SNL star

Kardashian fans have spotted a clue that Kim Kardashian may be removing scenes with Pete Davidson from her Hulu show even before the season two premiere of “The Kardashians.”

Posting to Reddit, a user reported that Hulu’s YouTube channel has “removed the trailer that contained scenes from Pete,” while attaching an image of the video currently on the network’s channel.

“I believe they are going to cut a lot of Pete scenes,” the user wrote.

Under the post, other users reacted to speculation that Davidson might not appear in the second season following his breakup with Kardashian.

“I bet a lot of people were only going to watch Pete (and Kanye drama) for the story,” wrote one user.

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Another said, “She’ll probably give the same old ‘We had a great time and I’m grateful to know her but our paths were headed in different directions.'”

Will Pete Davidson Be In ‘The Kardashians’?

Pete Davidson was expected to appear on the show after being featured in the trailer, but it was unclear how much of the role he would play.

Now, following Kardashian and Davidson’s breakup in early August 2022, Davidson’s appearance on the show may be edited out, citing “distance and schedule” as the reason for the split.

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