Will Smith’s net worth exceeds that of a few princes and the Oscar slap will cost him

Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s wealthiest actors, and while he became radioactive after slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, he continues to enjoy a net worth he couldn’t have imagined new prince of bel air Day.

Smith reportedly made $40 million for his role in the 2021 film King Richard, That Oscar-winning performance should have raised its price tag for future projects, but in the months that followed, it’s completely covered with slapstick.

Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $350 million as of 2022, according to the site Celebrity Net Worth, which tracks these kinds of things through public documents and various reports.

This means that the Fresh Prince is worth much more than Prince Harry ($60 million), and he was worth even more than Prince William ($40 million), until the latter took over as Prince of Wales.

We don’t expect Smith’s empire to shrink because of the Oscar slap, but it looks like his earning power will at least take a hit in 2022.

Several studios canceled projects involving Smith after the Oscars, and it’s going to hurt how much it would cost him.

Netflix canceled the sequel shiny It would have starred Smith, while Disney and National Geographic delayed his series. pole to pole and Roku canceled a stand-up comedy series they produced this joke, Meanwhile, Smith’s next film Freedom Done and all ready for release, though the New York Times reports that Apple is struggling to find the right time to roll it out.

Smith was also banned from the Academy Awards for 10 years for slapping The Rock.

Smith apologized for the slap in an emotional video in July, and he intends to return at some point in an industry that has been great for him.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Smith began his career as a rapper and earned around $10 million in his early days. However, he also wasn’t paying his taxes, and he has admitted that he was actually broke and had to borrow $10,000 from a drug dealer to pay the IRS in his pre-TV days.

“Being famous and broken is a sh*tty combination,” he said. “You’re still famous and people recognize you, but they recognize you when you’re sitting next to them on the bus.”

He finally sorted it out, launched his own show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and acted in hit movies like men in Black, bad boy,i’m great And pursuit of happiness,

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he earned around $200 million during his peak 1993-2013, and he now owns a lot of real estate with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

And despite the whole Oscar slap talk, he still has a few projects ahead of him as an actor and producer.

Smith’s co-star Martin Lawrence has said: bad boys 4 Still going to happen, though the shooting hasn’t started yet. Smith also has two movies, fast and loose And council, According to IMDB, in pre-production.

Besides that it’s all Freedom, a play about a runaway slave that has already been filmed. The film could be part of his comeback, depending on when it released.

In the meantime, he continues to serve as an executive producer on the TV series cobra mossAnd her new season hits Netflix in September.

So while Smith’s image might be a little toxic after slapping Chris Rock, we certainly haven’t seen the last of him.

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