World Trafficking Day: HDI works on laws prohibiting technology that promotes human trafficking. The Guardian Nigeria News

The Human Development Initiative (HDI) has stated that successfully combating human trafficking in Nigeria will depend on how law enforcement agencies such as the National Agency for the Prohibition of Persons (NATIP), the police, the criminal justice system and others can take advantage of technology. The government called for steps as a regulator of the tech industry to enact laws prohibiting the misuse of technology to promote human trafficking.

HDI Executive Director, Mrs Olufunso Owasnoy said this in a statement on Saturday to mark the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons observed every 30 July this year.

Owasnoy noted that this year’s theme explores how smugglers exploit technology to carry out their illegitimate business, as smugglers now seek to defraud, exploit and manipulate victims of trafficking. Internet and digital platforms.

“They deploy these platforms to organize transportation and shelter, contact victims, and reach potential customers, while establishing surefire networks for the spread of their criminal business.”

She said the technology has been exploited, among other things, to communicate with a ring of criminals and hide criminal proceeds with greater speed, effectiveness and anonymity.

“Smugglers now use social media platforms to identify, attract, train and recruit associates in the abhorrent art of human trafficking. They use e-mail and other digital messaging services to communicate with potential victims and are advertising their business, including children, using photographic material, fake employment promises, etc.

“Human trafficking remains a global crime and Nigeria, being a country of origin, transit and destination, has not remained out of the circle. Many survivors have suffered as a result of this horrific act of supporting the inhumanity of man against fellow men. and shared stories of suffering.

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“Smugglers continue to keep their victims in perpetual confinement, subjecting them to mental abuse, torture, degradation and untold physical, emotional and psychological hardships through the use of technology, such as video recordings and photographs of victims naked. keep.”

Ovasnoy said that despite the shortcomings, technology deployment also has great opportunities for success in eradicating human trafficking.

“Successfully combating HT in the near future will depend on how law enforcement agencies such as NATIP, the police, the criminal justice system and others can leverage technology in their interventions. No doubt, there is no doubt about it. Deployment of technology to aid investigation and shed more light on the modus operandi of trafficking networks; Effective through digital evidence to reduce the suffering of survivors during criminal proceedings as well as provide support services to survivors Increase prosecution.

Therefore, we call on technology-based organisations, service providers and telecom companies to ensure measures and sanctions are put in place to prevent the misuse of technology platforms as tools for smuggling.

“The government should also step in as a regulator of the tech industry to enact laws prohibiting the misuse of technology to promote human trafficking.

“Today, as an organization working to protect the rights of Nigerians in particular, women and children, HDI Nigeria is committed to combating all forms of exploitation in relation to human trafficking and other associated anti-human undertakings. Reinforces resolve and commitment. These include sexual slavery and exploitation, forced labour, domestic slavery, forced marriage, the sale and purchase of persons, and organ harvesting, among others.

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“On this day, we invite government agencies, civil society organizations, the organized private sector, parents, guardians, establishments, NGOs, religion-based organizations, religious leaders, traditional rulers, technology-based organizations, service providers, Want to call out.And Telecom companies alike join forces, raise your voice, create awareness and work to protect vulnerable people; Report activities like exploitation and slavery.

As the saying goes, “Say something when you see something.” Everyone should stand up to fight against modern day slavery which is human trafficking. We appeal to all concerned stakeholders to join hands as we do our best to protect the rights of all Nigerians (who are potential victims) and to protect survivors, prevent stigma, ensure access to justice Contribute your quota to prevent further health care. Abuse and exploitation of trafficking survivors.”

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