Wpc 2029 Live Register And Login Page


There are many arenas created for people to fight in but have you ever thought of or heard of the cock fighting virtual event. Yes, you heard it right, Cock fighting and virtual events! There is a specific name that uplifts this activity that is called WPC 2029 also abbreviated as World Pitmasters’ Cock.

This platform displays the live event of the two roosters fighting and the viewers are allowed to bet or bid according to their predictions. 

As this is an interesting flash for you to get enlightened about, let’s get to know more about the “WPC 2029”

What is WPC2029 live?

Everybody needs a formal heads up to any topics presented to their readers so let’s formally flush in on what WPC2029 live is.

As mentioned above in the introduction stating, ‘WPC2029 is a virtual event for the roosters to fight one on one’. Here most of the gamers or players need to sign up for wpc2029.live login page to take part in this event. As most of the countries have banned this event only the Philippines is an active participant, therefore, the website is only visible and used by them. 

This website has a track & adjust board for showcasing the past game and future events, known as the wpc2029 live dashboard.

Seems like this pandemic has flicked people into going online for gaming and work.

For many years most countries like the Philippines, Mexico, India, etc., have been into this activity tangibly, not virtually. This technology is quite interesting and absorbed in the modern perspective. 

Preview of the game in the real world

In the tangible environment, two roosters fight, and before the combat, the owners of the rooster bet on the winnings. The one who wins is paid in monetary terms and the one who loses gets to cook his rooster garnished with coconut and spices. The rules might vary in different places.


How to register on wpc2029.live?

 If you are in this section of the article, then you would want to know how to register yourself on wpc2029.live. 

For registration: 

Here are the thriller steps that will help you enter the thrilling cockfighting game.

  1. You need to know if the website is live and not banned in your place.
  2. If it is, create an account on the wpc2029.live login page.
  • Mention your First name and last name.
  • Provide mobile number and Facebook ID.
  • Birth details and what work you do, income information.
  • Press sign up.
  1. Once your mobile number and username are verified.
  • Login with your Username and password.
  • Click on the sign-in button and Voilà! You have logged in.

To get the ticket

  1. Login to Wpc2029.live login page. 
  2. Once you’re in, purchase a ticket through the WPC2029 website or with the help of other ticketing platforms. 
  3. After receiving your ticket you can get into the event live on WPC2029. 
  4. DVDs are allowed to be purchased if you’d like to watch them at home.


 There are a set of rules that wpc2029 has laid down for this cockfighting virtual event. 

  1. It’s a fair and safe fight where the cocks are protected humanely.
  2. There will be no sharp items placed near the fight zone.
  3. As the weight of the cocks must moderate, food is fed within limits.
  4. The cockfights must be sanctioned by licensed organizations.

WPC2029 Live Login – Is It Illegal?

As most of the citizens of different countries visualize the Cockfighting virtual event aka wpc2029 as brutal, it is banned. Mostly the Philippines has this website legal and are an active participant. “While there are cockfighting enthusiasts who support this game, there are also those who are against it.” – Law of Nature

A brief about roosters picked for the fights

The roosters that are used in the fight are bought up for the fight itself. They are well-fed and taken care of, unlike other chickens. These roosters are different and well-built. They are also faster and stronger, glamourizing perfection for fighting. 

Like how humans have wrestling, boxing, etc. These roosters have their version of showing pride, rage, and authority, whereas the roosters themselves want to fight. 

How do owners find fighter roosters, among other roosters? 

The strength and capability of roosters that are fighters are visible while they are younger. Most of the time these fighters injure or kill the ones who are inferior to them in the homely environment. Considering this, the owners either sell or take them into the fair fight. 

How can we reset the old password on the wpc2029 login?

If you are stuck in a situation where you cannot remember your password, then don’t panic. 

To reset your password, 

  1. Login to wpc2029.live login page.
  2. Forgot password.
  3. You will get a code in your verified phone number.

If you want to reset your old password

  1. Login to wpc2029.live login page
  2. Change the password.
  3. You will get a code through the wpc2029 live dashboard or a link through a message.
  4. Click on the link.
  5. Reset the password.
  6. Create a new password.

(Important – To modify your password, you need to sign up for wpc2029 cash and enter the number you use.)


Hope you found this article interesting, informative, and helpful. A friend-to-friend suggestion, if you are sensitive or weak watching brutality, then please don’t get into this page. 

Briefly, for creating an account you need to sign up to wpc2029.live login page and to see the upcoming events and previous fights you need to enter the wpc2029 live dashboard. If this website is banned in your place you check out their Facebook page for upcoming event news. 

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