Wpit18.com Dashboard Login And Registration Process

People who have been regularly utilizing the internet might have already come across the word Wpit18 in one way or another. It’s a highly popular registration portal exclusively created for rooster fights. 

Users can easily register using this particular platform and participate on the go. Keep reading as we are about to present a curated guide to making the best use of Wpit18 right from your desk.

What Is Wpit18.Com?

Wpit18, also known as the World Pitmasters, is an online based cockfighting platform in which users can play or view rooster fights and receive rewards under one roof. This particular online activity is quite popular in and around the Philippines, and people make the best use of it to earn money. 

Both the runner and winner can each get back a significant prize. The overall Wpit18 website has been customized to be user-friendly so that anyone can access it right from their internet-enabled devices. 

How To Register On Wpit18.Com?

By now, you must be enthralled with learning the registration process. To participate in the event, as a user, you need to register yourself in the administration office in the form of an agent. All the matches get aired and are viewable to the public. 

  • Visit their official website, www.wpc2029.live, to register yourself as an agent. 
  • Once you have applied for this particular position, you will be able to make weekly payments on a commission basis. 
  • The best thing about registering as an agent with Wpit18 is their hassle-free payment process. 
  • Online payments are made through bank transfers. The events conducted by them do attract a huge number of crowds, irrespective of the location. 

Wpit18 Dashboard Login Process:

After registering and creating an account in Wpit18, you can sign in using the ‘Sign in’ button found on the top right corner of their website. 

  • Make sure to click upon the ‘Sign in’ button once you have been convinced related to the information provided to them. After this step, you will be given access to log in to your precise player account. 
  • Clear up the registration fees to complete the login process. This particular process remains quick and straightforward as well. 
  • Once you have signed up for the program, you need to enter your frequently used email address, name, Facebook or other social account details, and phone number. After providing these details, you will be redirected to the account page, where you will be able to access the much-needed competition details. 

If you are facing any sort of error related to logging into your account, then you need to make use of the ‘Contact Us’ button from their home page. You can email your queries or even send out a WhatsApp message to find a quick solution. 

Is Wpit18 Legal And Safe?

Although this type of betting and rooster fights can sound dangerous, the safety measures taken care of should be considered in the first place. Many online gamblers do consider the rules and violations facts before indulging in any kind of animal-based tournaments. 

The fights happen between two roosters that can hurt or kill themselves at any given point. Such tournaments shall never come under ideal animal safety regulations bypassed in certain countries. 

Wpit18 being the most popular online gambling site, does ensure smooth operation happening throughout the tournament duration. As a gambler or a normal user, you can even get to examine the total number of roosters that were beaten to death during the gameplay. Any kind of animal cruelty can be named under the illegal act. 

Before getting yourself involved in such gaming practices, make sure the gaming organization is well established and has reputed gamers thriving from all over the globe. Wpit18 is associated with WPC, which is known to be a renowned gaming organization in the internet world. 

This makes them authentic and reliable for placing your bets. On the other hand, you must look into various factors before deciding to sign up as a user. They have posted the terms and conditions under their official website that anyone can access even before signing up with them. If all the mentioned terms sound convincing, you can take forward the next step, which is registering with the site. 

Facts About Wpit18:

There are facts that you must acknowledge before entering into this particular online gambling tournament. People tend to bring over their roosters for fighting purposes on the battlefield. This is clearly mentioned on the official website of Wpit18 and shall be notified to users who are logging in or signing up for a new account. The contender holding the most number of alive roosters shall be declared the winner. 

  • After registering with the website, you will be given immediate permission to choose to play or watch the game. If you are looking forward to being one of the competitors, then registering with Wpit18 should be your priority. 
  • The Philippines is well known for conducting cockfighting games. The people living there closely watch roosters fighting over one another and betting on them to win as a joyful experience. This fact is what has made online betting platforms popular in recent times. 
  • The most warning fact about this gameplay is that many roosters tend to pass away in one form or another. Such lack of assurance of their livelihood has made many countries notify users of the animal cruelty beforehand, letting the users get used to the play. 

As many NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) and foundations are said to be actively participating against animal violence, it’s the responsibility of the gambler or the website user to make the right decision. 


Even though these kinds of animal-involving games turn out to be illegal in some countries, the official web portal of Wpit18 explains that everyone can access their services, irrespective of the place they come from. 

Wpit18 has a user-friendly dashboard that lets you collect the needed information before registering and taking part in the gameplay. Placing a bet over animals is dishonest and morally wrong too. Animals do deserve a place to live in peace, and as fellow beings, we must ensure the same is provided for them as well.

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